Plant health care that works. 

From fertilization to deer repellant, we'll keep your property beautiful, healthy, and disease free.


Maintenance fertilization is used to keep trees and shrubs in a stress free and healthy condition. Prescription fertilization is applied to tree and shrubs undress stress and in decline due to both natural and man-made stresses - including insect, disease, and structural damage.


Insects and disease damage can increase stress and cause plants to decline and eventually die. Garrison Tree program use the safest products on the market and are registered with the EPA. We can provide both foliar and systemic treatments. Each program is specifically designed for your plant material and property. Tick and Mosquito mitigation programs are also available.


Deer can cause damage to your shrubs, flowers, and other plants. Deer repellents are the most cost effective method available to prevent the friendly deer visiting your property! Our deer repellent specialists can also install custom deer fencing around potential feeding trees. Just ask! 


Desiccation is a loss of moisture in a plant. The main cause of desiccation begins in the frozen winter months with damage to plantings appearing in the spring. Vapor guarding will allow the plant foliage and stems to hold in moisture, reducing water loss and plant stress. This method can also be applied to newly installed plant material.


Even one important watering skip can permanently damage plants. Don't let that happen to you! Our thorough watering services are a great temporary solution for those going on vacation or weekend homes. Especially important during periods of drought or our hottest days. Contact us to arrange water services for your property.


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